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I would not say that I was a 'non-believer' in the benefits of feeding my dogs high priced natural foods, but I would say that I was somewhat skeptical. When I adopted Elvis, my retired greyhound, there were so many choices on the market. I knew which brand he ate at the kennel, but thought that I should give him something better. I bought a higher priced food and was happy with the results. One day, years later, a friend was telling me about the change in her dog after changing his food. She said one of the first things she noticed was his breath. His breath was not as offensive as it had once been. She also noticed a decrease in the amount of stomach upset he seemed to have after she switched to the Nutro brand. She told me that the salesperson told her about the benefits of the food including the reduction of shedding and the reduced volume of solid waste produced. Although none of these things seemed to bother Elvis, it made me feel guilty that I was not giving my dog the best food for him.

The next purchase of food was Nutro's Natural Choice for sensitive stomachs. I have been feeding my greyhound this and other Nutro foods for years and he is thriving. Yes, I have tried to switch to less expensive brands a couple of times, but always came back to the Nutro brand. Upon switching brands I always noticed a decline in his overall attitude. His breath smelled like hot, rotten fish and his stomach was upset and bloated even though I integrated the new food slowly into his diet. His coat was not as shiny and he shed more than he did with the Nutro brands. Because he is a retired racer, he loves to run. I noticed that if I used other brands he seemed to feel sore or achy after running. I think that the glucosamine and chondroitin in this formula helped keep his joints performance ready. Again, I am not sure whether or not any of these things bothered him, but again, it did bother me.

There are many varieties available and it is sold at most major pet retailers. It is well worth the prices and I would recommend it to anyone that asks my opinion. I now also have lab-mix and I was worried about feeding them the same food, but he seems to do well with this brand as well. In another year or so I will have to begin buying Senior food for my greyhound, but I know that Nutro will have exactly what I need to maintain my greyhounds health and well being well into his senior years. ..even though he still thinks he is a puppy.

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