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Poultry Breed Facts Bandara Chicken

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It is obvious how important the chicken has become to food production throughout the world.  Numerous countries utilize the chicken for the production of eggs and of course for their meat as well.  Since the chicken requires considerably less space than cows they are often kept in residential neighborhoods in cities that allow for agricultural animals in a city setting.  The ease of their care has also made them popular amongst those that are relatively new to animal raising for the purpose of food production. 

What is the Bandara Chicken?

The Bandara Chicken is actually a hybrid variation of chicken created from nearly a decades worth of research and breeding by Gimmizah Aggricultural Research Center and Montazah Poultry Research.  The bandara was actually named after the village in which it was created.  This particular type of chicken is a mix between the standard white cornish and the gimmizah.  Obviously the gimmizah is another breed that was created by the Gimmizah Aggricultural Research Center.  As with any hybrid project the goal was to create a chicken that was superior to the original breeds by mixing together one from each breed in hopes of producing a more desirable bird.  After numerous breeding attempts those birds with the best qualities would be bred together to create the perfect hybrid line featuring the desired qualities. 

The Bandara chicken is a large white chicken.  They feature light yellow to whitish yellow beaks, skin, and shanks.  The chicken is basically the look that most Americans at least would mentally picture when someone said the word CHICKEN.  It has a very common look and feel of what Americans have grown to know and understand to be the typical egg producing chicken in the United States. 

Why the Bandara?

The Bandara was created to enhance on the qualities of the white cornish and gimmizah chickens.  The ultimate result was a bird that is perfect for commercial chicken farming.  Since the bandara has high reproductive capacity they are able to produce far more eggs in a shorter period of time.  These eggs are normally larger in size than many other chickens.  The bird is also known to produce a large quantity of meat.  This not only makes the chicken perfect for egg laying but for meat production as well with the majority of commercial farmers utilizing the bird for its meat. 

The Bandara grows quickly allowing farmers to have greater turnaround on their investment.  This of course is ideal in commercial chicken farming and has made it a popular choice for this reason. 

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