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The Giant Chinchilla is a rabbit breed that many pet owners and show breeders have fallen in love with over the years. Their characteristic ‘standard chinchilla’ fur colouration, large size, and mild temperate, have made them a popular rabbit breed for many.

However, while you may own or be thinking about owning one of these beautiful rabbits, what facts do you really know about this distinctive breed? To find out, why not read these interesting facts about the Giant Chinchilla breed.

Facts about the Giant Chinchilla rabbit breed

The first Giant Chinchilla rabbit was bred in Kansas City, Missouri, America, and was born on Christmas day in 1921. Bred by Edward H. Stahl, he called the first Giant Chinchilla rabbit, ‘the Million Dollar Princess’, and because of this, Giant Chinchilla rabbits are sometimes referred to as being the Million Dollar rabbit breed.

While originally the breed was created by Stahl, by pairing Chinchilla and Flemish Giant breeds, purebred Giant Chinchilla rabbits have now been around for over forty-five years.

Giant Chinchillas are large sized rabbits, and when fully grown they should ideally weigh between thirteen and sixteen pounds. Female (doe) Giant Chinchilla rabbits are usually noted as being slightly larger and heavier than their male (buck) counterparts.

While Giant Chinchilla rabbits are one of the biggest breeds of rabbits, their gentle and calm nature makes them very popular as pets. Their furs similarity to that of a pet chinchilla also makes them a popular breed for rabbit owners. Giant Chinchilla rabbits are also said to greatly enjoy human attention and can form strong bonds with their owner over time.

Contrary to popular believe, the cost of feeding a Giant Chinchilla rabbit is not usually that much higher than the cost of feeding a smaller pet breed of rabbit. For example, it has been documented by the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association (2009) that the Giant Chinchilla breed only requires the same amount of pellet food that a smaller pet breed may need.

When born, Giant Chinchilla rabbits develop very quickly and by eight weeks old they can already weigh around five to six pounds! By twelve weeks, a Giant Chinchilla rabbit will normally weigh between seven and nine pounds. Unfortunately, because of their rapid growth rate and large size, many Giant Chinchillas are bred specifically for the meat market.


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