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Out of pure desperation to find out how to rescue some orphaned puppies I came across a website that offered advice for making a puppy milk replacement formula. The formula consists of goats milk or evaporated milk,yogurt, Karo syrup and egg yolk. The formula has eleven calories per 1 cc and in our experience is extremely useful in animal emergencies.
Goats milk is so chocked full of vitamins and minerals and is naturally easy on digestive tracts. Cows milk is not! Never try to use cows milk when rehabilitating any orphaned young animal. It can actually cause scower(diarrhea) and dehydrate the animal your trying to help.
We are currently using this home remedy with an orphaned pup and are having some great results with it. Weight gain is starting to happen and the digestive tract of the small pup seems to be functioning well. One thing we did add to the formula which we suspected was trying to be accomplished via the yogurt was acidophilus. We added this being that the amount found in most yogurt's is very minimal. For those that don't know acidophilus promotes a healthy fauna and flora in the intestinal tract. Feeding your orphaned pups should be on a regular schedule. During the first 48-72 hours pups require frequent feedings, around every 2 hours or so. After the first week you can start feeding them every three hours during the day and to feedings at four hour intervals during the night! Once you make it to week two feedings can start to be at every 4-6 hours. Another thing to remember is that new puppies are not able to have bowel movements or urinate on their own. They depend on the mother to assist them with this for the first few weeks of their life. Although a little messy at times this can be easily done by using a warm moist rag or cotton ball simulating the normal grooming that the mother would have done. This is a necessary and vital part of raising orphaned pups and you should try this before and after feedings. Usually by the age of 3 weeks the puppies own muscles in this area will have developed and this will no longer be necessary.
One thing you also want to remember is that small pups have an extremely hard time regulating their own body temp. Something you can do to aid in this is of course insulation. Also a heating pad set on the lowest setting or a simple twenty-five watt light bulb suspended over one end of the box can be extremely useful. However be careful! Set up the pups box and use a thermometer making sure there is plenty of insulation between the pup and the heating pad or more space between the light bulb and sleeping surface of the box. A dog's normal body temperature is between 101 and 102 Fahrenheit. So you don't want the area where the sick pup is going to recover over that temperature. If its too hot more insulation between the pup and the pad can be added and vice versus. Remember as well not to leave this heating pad on twenty four seven. Hopefully you'll never have to use this puppy milk replacement formula, but if you do its very easy to make and works!

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