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Rescue Efforts for Older or Sick Dogs

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"Rescue Efforts for Older or Sick Dogs"
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Rescue is supposed to be about the good, the bad, the ugly, the old, the deaf, and the blind. However, I see a lot of rescues that are only about the young, the health, the well behaved and the highly adoptable. This to me is not rescue at all, at best its selling dogs and at worst its dog brokering. The young and healthy get adopted right away at the dog pounds and there is no need to try to run pull them out. I do take young ones from the pounds , only if their time is up and they did not get adopted. Or there is some medical issue that needs addressed so they can get adopted.

I see rescues that want other people to foster the dog for two weeks to see if the dog is sick and if it gets along with other dogs. And then they will only take the dog from the temporary foster home if it's not sick and it gets along with other dogs. So then the temporary foster home is stuck with a sick and/or dog aggressive dog. This in my opinion is not rescue and is just plain wrong to stick someone with a dog you spoke up for.

I see rescues that only have puppies for adoption; these are entire litters that they purchased from puppymills. In effect they are a customer for the mill and incentive for them to keep cranking out the puppies to sell to "rescue". Paying any money to a puppymiller for any dog, helps them to keep doing what they are doing. And what they are doing is living off the back of poor innocent dogs.

I see rescues that spread rumors about other rescues. The spreader never having been to the rescue in question, just took what someone said and ran with it. Spreading outright untruths and stopping dogs from being saved from the puppymills and dog pounds. This when we are over run with homeless dogs and the puppymills are dumping like crazy due to the poor economy.

I see rescues that only take dogs after they have been surrendered to the humane society and the humane society paid for all the Vet work. And then they still charge a $200 adoption fee , for what I don't know as they had no bills for the dog. People who want to surrender their dog to rescue , do so because they do not want them sitting in the dog pound on the 3-5 day hold. Being exposed to lord knows what diseases.

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