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Signs and Treatment of Harvest Mites in Dogs

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"Signs and Treatment of Harvest Mites in Dogs"
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Harvest mites are pests that will bother every kind of mammal known to man. Your dog is especially susceptible to them though. These bugs are small and difficult to detect. They are about the size of a pin head. They land on the skin and being their "harvesting". When they begin to harvest, it is likely the dog will begin to scratch incessantly at the affected area.

Here are the signs and treatments for harvest mites in dogs:


The signs that your dog might have harvest mites are as follows: Small red lumps forming on the skin, scratching or biting at infected area, crust on the bumps and sometimes oozing. If your dog is showing any of these signs, it is important to get treatment for him right away.


Dip- The dog can be treated for harvest mites by giving him dip baths. This can be done fairly easy. The dog is dipped the first time. After a two week waiting period, the dog is dipped again. This should cure the dog of the harvest mite problem.

Topical Ointments- Your dog may also be treated with a topical ointment to get rid of the pesky harvest mites. Apply as needed until the harvest mites are gone. This is probably the easiest solution but may take much more time to administer since you will have to do it more often than the dip bath.

Steroids- There is a possibility that a topical or injected steroid may be used to help relief the swelling and itching the dog is feeling. Scratching the affected area will only make the situation worse. Talk to your doctor about this option and if it is best for your dog.

There are ways that you can prevent harvest mites from getting on your dog in the first place. Keep him away from the grass or high grassy areas as much as possible during the summer and fall months. This is when the harvest mites will attack more often. It is important to note that the harvest mites can survive up to 55 days. That is about a two month span of time. Do not make your dog deal with the itching of these terrible pests. Get the problem checked and give treatment to your dog as soon as possible. The itching that is created by these little monster can drive a dog insane. That isn't fair to the dog and it isn't very pleasant to watch either.


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