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Suggestions for Chihuahua Names

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For the record, I must confess, I do not now nor have I ever had a Chihuahua. However, both my daughter and my sister are Chihuahua people. So I do have some first hand knowledge of the breed and the people whom they own. These little dogs with big eyes, big ears, big attitudes, and big hearts are a breed like no other.

In my opinion there are three main factors that come into play when choosing a name for a Chihuahua. First of all is their size. Although there are some Chihuahuas that grow to be 15 pounds or so, the breed itself is the smallest breed of dog. This characteristic can be a big influence in naming your new found friend. For instance you could pick a name that reflects the opposite of their physical stature but defines the size of their bravado. Names like Magnus, Tito, Garm, or Windigo would accomplish this goal. An example of names which would emphasize their minute size would be Pixie, Trinket, Tina or Peanut. Mini Mini was the name my daughter's first Chihuahua came with. Since the dog is only 3 pounds the name fit but yet it didn't really have a good ring to it. So on the car ride home from purchasing her new best friend, my daughter quickly changed her name to Corona.

Which brings us to the second main factor in naming a Chihuahua, their country of origin. There are many interesting names that can be derived from their Mexican heritage. My daughter named her dog Corona after her favorite Mexican beer. The word corona means crown. This name definitely fits that dog. There are many Mexican drinks and foods which lend themselves to being good names. Margarita, Salsa, Taquito, Nacho, and Chimichanga "Chimi" come to mind. However, Bean Burrito, Refried Beans, or Taco, not so good as names. There are also many other Mexican words that would make cute names. Bandido (bandit), Poco (little), Amigo (friend), or Perro (dog). Mexican people names are also a great source of ideas when naming your pup. Names such as Carlito, Elvira, Isabel, and Tia for the girls. Pablo, Pedro, Carlos, and Paco for the boys. Names of Mexican celebrities can also be taken into consideration. For instance Salma, Sergio or even Cheech, and Chong.

Cheech and Chong bring us to the third factor which could influence your choice of names. That's the duel dog or multi dog factor. For some reason, Chihuahuas seem to be like potato chips, nobody can have just one. So while you may think you are just going to be a one dog family there is a strong likelihood that in the not too distant future you will be adding one or two more Chihuahuas to your home. My daughter and sister at this time each have only two but I have known people who have had what constitutes a small herd of the little critters. It's quite a sight to see them all dancing around on their hind legs hoping for a handout at dinnertime. Quite the acrobats, they are. But getting back to names, having multiple Chihuahuas can open the door for names such as Cheech and Chong, Chips and Salsa, Corona and Lime. And if you have a Bell, even a Taco would be cute.

Of course you can disregard the above three factors and go the usual route of dog naming. My daughter just acquired her second Chihuahua, Lacey. Lacey is a two year old rescue dog that was on the kill list at a local dog pound. This six pound Chihuahua somehow wound up in the pound as an unnamed stray. The kindhearted woman who saved her from the euthanasia which was to occur within 24 hours, named her Lacey. It turned out that Lacey was the name my daughter gave to a doll her grandmother made for her many years ago. So when my daughter adopted her from from the dog rescue organization keeping that name was never in question. My sister named her first Chihuahua Jigs, after a Boston Terrier that our grandmother once had. Lolly is her newest Chihuahua addition. She was given the nickname our mother had as a child. My sister actually had that name picked out a year before she even adopted her second little pup.

Names are important and should fit the individual dog. There are many ways to choose a name. But from my personal observations and second hand stories there is one name for a Chihuahua that stands out above the rest for this diminutive breed with a huge attitude. Cujo. Yes, Cujo, after the Stephen King canine character of the same name. Because even behind the eyes of the sweetest little Chihuahua, there lurks the attitude of Cujo.

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