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The best Dog Breeds for Lazy People

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"The best Dog Breeds for Lazy People"
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Certain dog breeds, like certain people, are lazy by nature, but there are no dogs that are truly maintenance-free (if nothing else, you may have to pick them up to put them on the sofa). However, there are certain breeds that can be classified as true couch potatoes, dogs that require a minimum of maintenance and exercise, and who will happily curl up at your feet, on your lap or on the sofa, sleeping for hours on end, and looking really annoyed if you ask them to do anything.

If you're lazy, and want a dog to match your lifestyle, here are some breeds you may want to consider:

1) Greyhounds
Despite their speed on the track, Greyhounds are petty much natural born couch potatoes. They need to let off a bit of steam with a dash around the backyard or the park every day, but with that accomplished, they happily settle down for of hours of napping.

There are many retired Greyhounds that need good homes. After living exclusively in kennels, they need to get used to the rules and regulations of the house, but given the choice between a cold crate and the sofa or bed, they'll make the right decision. Greyhounds are beautiful, graceful animals with wonderful temperaments, and are loving and devoted companions. Because their coats are short, they need little if any grooming, just the occasional bath.

2) Pit Bulls
These dogs have a dreadful reputation, but in fact, most Pit Bulls are loyal and lovable - and many are lazy too. If they come from a good bloodline and have been raised correctly - and sometimes even against all the odds - Pits are no more dangerous than any other breed. They need a firm hand, and need to know who is in charge, but once that's established, Pit Bulls are great dogs for the lazy owner.

3) Bulldogs
They may look vicious and bad tempered, but most bulldogs are happy, lazy and lovable. Their short coats require little in the way of grooming, and their short legs require little in the way of walking. Older bulldogs in particular tend to slow down - the major problem will be the snoring and the drooling on your pillow.

4) Dachshunds
With their little legs they won't need to go far on their daily walks, and won't need a huge yard to burn off their energy - however, because they were originally bred to do battle with badgers, they have a big-dog temperament. Dachshunds make great watch dogs, have a lot of attitude, but may take over the household if you aren't careful.

5) The Gentle Giants
If you have the space, many of the giant breeds excel in laziness. When you're that big, what's the point of moving around a lot? Mastiffs, Dogue de Bordeaux (from "Turner and Hooch") and Great Danes have short coats, and need only occasional brushing and bathing - and they can be incredibly lazy! Beware, you may need to purchase an extra sofa!

You might also consider:

- Senior Citizens
As dogs age, they slow down, just like we do. While certain breeds (Labradors, for example) never seem to slow down, others do at a very early age, so consider adopting a older dog who is a known sloth. Many rescue groups and shelters have an abundance of older dogs that need good homes, and the staff can help you pick one who'll be happy to be as lazy as you are.

- The Natural Couch Potato
Dogs are individuals and occasionally an individual in a normally energetic breed may be naturally lazy, almost from day one. Maybe it's bloodlines, maybe they aren't "quite right in the head", but these oddities do exist. Check with your local shelter, a reputable breed or breed rescue group to see if they have a dog with a less than usual ambition for their breed and age.

Other Tips:

- Daily walks are always the best exercise, but if you just can't face it, have a big well-fenced yard for you dog(s) to play in when they need a bit of exercise.

- Two dogs will amuse each other and playing will burn much of their energy. Make sure your dogs are compatible, or your relaxation will be frequently interrupted by refereeing and trips to the emergency clinic.

- Just as all dogs need some exercise, they all need grooming too. If your dog is a true couch potato, nails will be an major issue, and should be checked every three to six months at a minimum. Even a short-haired, inside dog needs a bath once or twice a year - if your dog has a longer coat, count on a bath every three or four months. There are groomers that will come to your home, which will save you and your dog the effort of a trip to the groomers.

- A fat dog may also be a lazy dog, but they won't be a truly happy dog or a healthy dog either. Even a couch potato needs to keep a trim figure and enjoy a healthy diet. NO potato chips!

Dogs are always going to require some amount of work and daily exercise, but if you pick the right breed or the right individual, the work will be minimal. You may find yourself spending many happy hours, with the perfect excuse for being lazy - "The dog is only happy when he's sitting on my lap...."

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