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The best Dog Breeds for Lazy People

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"The best Dog Breeds for Lazy People"
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Even lazy people need a companion. Are their dogs for the more lethargic owners out there? Not all dogs are hyper and energetic. Some dogs are perfect couch potatoes.

Most people think of small dogs as lazy dogs. In fact, large dogs can be just as languid. Even with some energetic dogs, you can simply provide a large enough area and toys and the dog will occupy themselves for hours. All you provide is comforting arms when they are ready to relax.

Mutts and Seniors
Check your local animal shelter for your perfect lounging companion. Mutts are great dogs and sometimes are put into a shelter for not being energetic enough. Ask about the dogs' behavior and you may find exactly what you are looking for. Geriatric or seniors in the dog world are also great options. They have moved past the play stage and want nothing more than to lay back and relax.

Small Breeds
Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Bulldogs, and Pugs are great lazy breeds. They love nothing more than to sit around or be carried. Both bulldogs and pugs have facial features that make it hard for them to breathe, so exercise is not their favorite thing. Sleep and more lounging will equal the perfect day for these breeds.

Larger Breeds
The list is quite long, but some of the more popular breeds include Borzi, Irish Wolfhound, St. Bernard, Great Dane, Mastiff, and Greyhound. Larger breeds will require a little more effort on the owner's part. They will need a larger lounging area and some tend to slobber quite profusely. Still, they hate vigorous activity as much as their owner. Greyhounds may seem like an active dog; however, once they retire, they simply wish to rest and relax. After years of running, who can blame them?

Other Options
There are options if you still have your heart set on a more active dog. You can hire a dog walker, own multiple dogs, and schedule regular grooming. A dog walker will take you dog for exercise and play time. With multiple dogs, the dogs simply play with each other. By the time they notice you they will only want to sit with you on the couch and rest. With regular grooming, your dog has the chance to get out for a little while. Some groomers even provide a day of play along with the grooming.

In the end, try to find a dog more like you. The closer the personalities match, the closer the bond between you and your dog. Keep your dog healthy as well. Despite how lazy they might be, make sure they have some basic exercise and a good diet. By keeping these things in mind, you will have a wonderful relationship with your pet.

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