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The best Dogs to have around Children

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"The best Dogs to have around Children"
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When it comes to dogs and children you really want to make sure that your children or other children who may be around your dogs are safe. There are a number of things that can cause problems with dogs and children. This can include hyperactive dogs who can scare children, knock smaller ones over, and who can even urt them by scratching or nipping during play. The other type that is often a big concern are those with the potential to kill and or hunt a child. With these things in mind there are several things that should be noted about the best dogs to have around children.


Often people talk about breeds and safety with children. However, it should be noted that with proper training and the right environment for the dog and breed won't matter for the dog. Some of the breeds considered most dangerous can be great dogs for kids, but some considerations needs to be taken in.

One Exception.

The one exception to the proper training rule is wolfdogs. These are dogs that have been mixed with wolf. Often it is close in there history and they may be 50% wold or 25% wolf. Often they can be good around kids, but then there are times when their hunting instincts kick in. This could mean that a young child becomes food, crying is a sign of weakness which could elicit an attack, and a wolfdog aiming for dominance could hurt a child on accident. Wolfdogs aren't dogs no matter how much they look like it, act like it, or how little wolf they have in their blood.

Other Considerations.

Many breeds are good with older kids, while some breeds aren't as good with small children. You need to consider your family as well as the likelihood that you will be adding little ones in the future. A few breeds that are larger and good with children include Alaskan Malamutes, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors. Small dogs that are known for being good with children include Terriers, Spaniels, and the English Mastiff.

It should be noted that you should choose a dog based on their personality and their potential to be good dogs through training rather then solely on their breed. However, many dogs fall into a specific pattern of behavior based on their breed. So, doing a little research to know a little about the types of dogs you might be interested in. Just remember that any dog can be the dog to have around children.

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