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The Connection between Humans and Dogs

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"The Connection between Humans and Dogs"
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The connection between a human and a dog is quite unique and one of complete trust and companionship. Dogs have an amazing intuition and thrive on the bond they have with their owner.

The relationship is built on trust, mutual affection and unconditional love. Yes, I am referring to my sweet, adorable dog. Dogs often sense the mood of their owner and know when and if they can grab their toy to begin playtime. They know when to lie down quietly by your side, slightly touching you to give comfort.

The bond is rather interesting. I believe we dog owners think OUR dogs are the cutest of all, have the best personalities and are the most loyal. Regardless of the breed, each owner has this certain opinion that his or her dog is the best pet in the world. Listening to a dog owner talk about their pet, you will hear a great deal of pride and affection in their tone of voice.

When a dog becomes a member of the family, there is an instant relationship formed with each member. I am sure the dog has a favorite member and in our home, my son and I debate and playfully argue that each one of us is her favorite. Our dog has a strong sense about this and plays right into the debate. She is smart enough to know she will get constant attention when we are playing this little game.

In the life of a dog, the owner is its' entire world. They depend on us for all their needs. They do not grow up and move away, they stay and fill that nest we thought would one day be empty.

The beauty about owning a dog is regardless of the kind of day they have had, they are thrilled to see you when you walk in the door. They may have been sleeping in the warm sunshine or barking at the squirrel in the tree, which has been teasing them all day. They had to keep watch on your home while you were gone; however, when you enter the threshold the greeting is full of excitement and welcome!

This bond is real and priceless. This bond brings comfort to my soul after receiving sad news or when recovering from an illness. This connection with my dog is significant and precious.

Sharing this love for our dogs is a unique and common bond. I am sure your dog is smart, clever and the cutest one in the neighborhood. It is certain your dog thinks you are the best owner around. Dogs bring us comfort, laughter and keep us company at all times.

The connection between a dog and a human is loyal and beloved. A kind of love that is unconditional and dependable. The relationship is trustworthy and often amusing. The dog has a great sensitivity to its owner and tends to know when they need a good laugh or simply someone to sit next to them in silence. Treat them well and they will return the love and devotion to you.

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