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The Easiest Reptiles to keep as Pets

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"The Easiest Reptiles to keep as Pets"
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The easiest reptiles to keep as pets

I don't know about you, but I've always considered reptiles the easiest pet to take care of. Depending on the type, reptiles will hunt insects placed in their habitat on their own, while large snakes for example may require food to be pre-killed. When purchasing a reptile talk to the clerk at your local pet store, don't be afraid to ask questions as you will need to know important facts about your reptile.

Care of your new friend can be hard or easy depending on the species, the sales clerk will also give you directions on habitat building and maintenance. It is very important to note, that when creating a habitat for your reptile, DO NOT use objects found outside as they may cause your pet to become sick or even die.

With that said lets take a look at some of the easiest reptiles to take care of.


If you choose to purchase a snake, I recommend getting a corn snake, king snake, or a ball python as they are the best choices for pet snakes. They aren't picky about environmental needs, and they tend to be very gentle. You will find that these pets are a long-term commitment as they live for about 20-40 years, on the other hand these three types are small and easy to take care of.

Only down side to owning a snake is perhaps the feeding, as they sometimes prefer mice, rats and sometimes even rabbits. You can either feed them a pre-killed animal, or feed them live animals but it is highly recommended that you pre-kill the animal beforehand to prevent injury to the snake. The ball python for example has been known to stop eating for months at a time.

Avoid snakes such as Burmese pythons, tree boa's, water snakes, and any wild caught snakes. These snakes can be somewhat dangerous to handle and should be taken care of by a professional. The bottom line is that the larger the snake the harder they are to take care of.


If lizards are your cup of tea, then I recommend a Leopard Gecko or a Breaded Dragon. Leopard gecko's are typically very small and easy to care for. Since they are nocturnal they need no special lighting and since they are insectivores they can be fed a variety of small insects.

Breaded dragons on the other hand are a bit more challenging but are still very easy to take care of, they require special lighting and need a pretty good sized tank, these lizards also eat insects as well as small vegetables.


Everyone loves turtles, but are they easy to take care of? Though they may take more care then some, turtles too can be somewhat easy to take care of. Take note that you will need to create a nice clean habitat for the turtle, and make sure you use fresh water not tap water out of the sink.

I personally recommend water turtles, though they may take up more room with a large aquarium they are very easy to take care of compared to some land turtles like Box Turtles.

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