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Treatment of Jaundice in Dogs

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"Treatment of Jaundice in Dogs"
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Jaundice is caused by an rise in Bilirubin. Bilirubin is a substance that is created by the breakdown of red blood cell. The most noticeable signs of jaundice is the turning of skin color from normal to yellow. On dogs, it is much easier seen in the white’s of the eyes and under the eyelids. It is important to treat jaundice right away because it can affect the liver.

Here are the treatments that can be used for jaundice in dogs:


The first thing that you have to do to try to reverse jaundice is to stop any therapy that your dog may have started before the jaundice appeared. This will eliminate one possible cause and can get your dog on his way back to good health.


Provide a restful and stress free environment for your dog. This will help the dog begin to heal. It may be a good time to cease any playtime until the dog has been healed of the jaundice and is back to his normal self.


Intravenous treatments may be necessary if your dog becomes severely dehydrated. It could be a fluid or electrolyte treatment that will help rehydrate your dog so that he will get back on his feet much quicker. This is only for severely dehydrated dogs though. It is important to keep the dog hydrated when he has jaundice.


If the dog becomes anemic, blood may need to be administered to keep the dog healthy. Anemia can occur when the dog has jaundice and has to be taken care of immediately.

At Home

Once your dog has been diagnosed with jaundice, you will have to take care of him at home. Give all prescribed medication to your dog and make sure that he gets enough rest.  Check the dog often to see if the symptoms are dissipating. The eyes should begin to return to the normal white color and the skin will go back to its normal coloring. Your dog will be in good health in no time at all and you can begin your regular routine again.

A dog is a very special part of our family lives. They have a lot of love to give and it breaks our hearts to see them in poor health. Since jaundice can affect the liver, it is extremely important to get the jaundice under control as soon as possible. If you even suspect that your dog has jaundice, it is important that you take him to the vet right away.


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