Types of Birds that Chirp at Night

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"Types of Birds that Chirp at Night"
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There are many different species of birds that chirp and sing at night. A few birds that make their presence known at night are Whippoorwills, Mockingbirds, Great Horned Owls, and Black-Crowned Night Herons. These are nocturnal birds which are active during the night hours. Mockingbirds are able to repeat 10 to 15 different bird calls in just one endless single note. They are called Mockingbirds because they are able to mock another species of bird. A Mockingbird has a very colorful personality. There is another bird that chirps during night hours and it is called the Midnight Warbler.

There are some swallows that will squawk and make some racket at night too. Some people find birds that chirp at night as being annoying, while others like to hear them singing. There are many Mockingbirds that start their chirping at midnight. Many people have never heard birds chirp at night. These birds not only chirp, but you can hear them whistle, shrill and sing. Some people think their chirping at night is quite beautiful.

Blue Jays can make high pitched chirping sounds at night as well. Mockingbirds usually start their chirps around 3 AM. There are Night Larks that sing through the dark night too. Birds that chirp at night can be found in all parts of the United States, especially in the South where the climate is warm. Some researchers say that many birds that chirp at night do so because their sounds cannot be heard during the daytime hours over the loud city traffic. They not only chirp, but the sounds that are being heard from birds at night are trumpet-like sounds, moaning, toots, squealing, rattling and more. During the spring and summer seasons, there are quite a few active night birds.

It is really interesting to try to determine which bird is chirping right outside your window when you are trying to sleep. Some people that get annoyed by these chirping night birds try to figure out ways to get rid of them. Many people who live in wooded areas hear many night birds. Some House Finches will sing all night long and every night. Just as you hear the sparrows singing in the springtime, you can hear night birds chirping their tunes in the dark. There can be a number of reasons you hear them and some reasons are they are mating, habitat destruction, they are active only at night, searching for food, or just communicating with other birds. 

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