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Why Dogs Make Good Companions

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"Why Dogs Make Good Companions"
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Dogs make good companions because the only way they know how to love is completely and without restraint. There is nothing much better on the planet than the unconditional love of your dog. He loves you in the morning with your awful morning breath, just as much as he does when you come home in the evening after work. Always first at the door, tail wagging and big eyes just full of joy because you are home. No expectations other than a pat on the head and he is happy. Maybe a treat or two, now and then, a walk in the park when you can, but if you'd rather stay in and curl up by the fire and read a book, well he'll be just as happy to curl up right there with you and sleep contentedly by your side.

If your dogs are like mine, and love to go for rides in the car, do they put on a show when it sinks in that they are actually getting to go this time? My Border collie mix will go get his leash and then proceed to run around with it in his mouth until one of us can catch him and put it on him. Then he proceeds to pick it up and carry it out to the car. He really doesn't need us to lead him. He does it himself. This is another thing that my dog supplies as a good companion. Humor. Max is the funniest dog I have ever had and I have yet to figure out if he does it on purpose or not. He watches TV with us, and is very interested in any shows where there are animals. His favorites involve ones with dogs in them, of course, and he gets very excited and carries on conversations with the dogs on the screen. It's not barking, it's more of a whining, almost bark, that he does. A very crazy sound that is his "I am so excited" sound.

He also finds it very funny to come up, lay his chin on my lap, gaze lovingly into my face, and burp. While I am fanning my face and gagging, he waltzes merrily away, tail held high, and looking very pleased with himself. I don't know where he learned that one!

Then there is his, "I don't want to come upstairs and go to bed, Mom" face. He stands at the bottom of the stairs, puts his face on the second stair up, and looks at me, pleading with those brown eyes. It doesn't work, but he tries. He knows his assets and he works them.

Oh, and don't let me forget the "I'm hungry and no one ever feeds my fat ass routine". This usually takes place about 4 or 5 pm, and he prances into the living room with his food bowl in his mouth. He slowly makes the rounds, making sure that his Dad and I see him, then he trots back to the kitchen and we hear the bowl being loudly dropped. If one of us doesn't get up and do something about it, we are treated to a repeat performance until we respond to his liking. Yes, we know he is spoiled and we are the ones who are trained, ok.

He provides hours of companionship when I am not feeling well. He knows when it is one of my bad days and I am in pain. He lies by the bed and doesn't wander far. When I look at him, I see the worry in his eyes and I know he is trying the only way he knows, to comfort me. There are many times when he is allowed to bypass the one big rule we have, and he finds his way onto the bed, just to be near me. It comforts us both.

The unconditional love, humor, companionship, and joy a dog brings into your life, to me, is why they are such wonderful companions.

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